Body pump class structure – what can you expect?

Hey guys, today were going to be talking about what a body pump class
consists of structurally, and what you can expect when taking one:

1: The first step is very important, as you will be warming up. Alot of people think that warming up is unessasery but to be honest if you dont warm up you could very easily pull a muscle or do some serious damage, so dont miss this step!! youwill be warming up all the main muscles that will be used during a body pump class, this will also make you much more flexible.

2: The second step of this 60 minute program is squats, this will target your legs and more specifically your quadriceps, for the first few times you can expect your legs to hurt or ache the next day.

3: The next area you will be targeting during your body pump class is your chest, you may find this hard to get used to the first few times but as you get fitter and do the class more you will find it does become alot more bearable so just keep with it.

4: For this step you will be targeting your back, and honestly this has helped me with small amounts of back pains but if you do suffer from back pain i highly recomend you talk to your GP before taking this class.

5: The fifth step will work on your triceps and building up your arm strenth or toning it depending on which one you choose, and yes this will help prevent you developing some of those horrible saggy under arms you see on so many people.

6: This step is difficult because its anouther arm exercise, for the sixth step you will be working on your biceps, this is a big part of building strenth so tough it out and you will see results.

7: The seventh step consists of lunges and is a good change of pace after all those upper body exercises, but dont think that means its easy as its still an exercise that will eventually make you much more flexible.

8: This step will be working on your shoulders and will tone up your neck slightly aswell which is a bonus if you have a slight double chin (like myself).

9: The ninth step will be a mix off you abbs and your core, this is good for toning your belly and gaining a wicked six pack!

10: The tenth step is a warm down, which is just as important as a warm up as it will help prevent later pains or cramps.

11. no im kidding theres no 11, you can have a shower or bath and take a well deserved rest now, just know keep with this course and you will become fit, and it will teach you how to get in shape fast!

Thanks guys thats all for today, i hope you found what your looking for, and good luck with your body pump class!!

What do you need when taking a body pump class?

Hi guys and gals today im going to tell you some of the essential equipment you will need when taking a body pump class:

1: You will need a water bottle or just a glass of water as a body pump class is hard exercise and will require you replacing you fluids.

2: A towel or flannel for wiping down every now and then, theres nothing worse (except death and stuff) than the tickling gross feeling you get when you sweat during a powerfull workout.

3: Some sporting clothing such as the right footwear an old teeshirt and some shorts or tracksuit bottoms, anything you can freely move around in and dont mind getting a bit sweaty.

4: A good class or trainer to instuct you what to do, i know this is kind of obvious but i just thought i would mention it.

5: Finally you will need a winning attitude and the eagernes to get exerciseing, get fit, and have fun in the process.

Thats about it for today but come again soon as we will be reviewing a few good body pump classes so that you can get stuck in and learn how to get in shape fast!!